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Theme Party Thursday: Garden Dinner Party for Fall

Green Patio Theme Party Thursday: Garden Dinner Party for Fall

The end of summer and the official start of fall will {hopefully} bring temperatures that are a bit cooler, and at least here in Texas, it means that you can once again bear to spend time outdoors. Take advantage of a nice evening with a casual, yet elegant, dinner party on your patio. Celebrate a birthday, or get everyone together “just because.” Think modern when it comes to décor. Black and celery green are chic, yet organic enough to blend in well with an outdoor setting.

{Invite} Summer Chandelier Invitation

{Menu} Refresh your palate with recipes that use fresh herbs like basil

{Party Supplies} Appetizer Plates, Placemats, Dessert Plates, Dinner Plates and Paper Cups

{Decorate} Hang a fancy chandelier

{Place Setting} Whimsical (and reusable) Chalkboard Placecards

{Patio Set} Café Tables

{Hostess Gift} Green Darling Note Cards