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Getting a grasp on invitation etiquette can be tricky. Sorting out what wording to use to invite guests to your celebration should NOT be something that gives you anxiety. You need to save your energy for party planning. Save that special power for planning the most killer event of the century. Wording ideas are our job, we got you covered.

We’re happy to do the heavy lifting when it comes to capturing those little bitty wording details. We created an easy to use guide to help you through the process. Select the wording category for your event and then find one that suits your self.

All too often, people don’t apply any real thought to what they want their invitation to say. They’ll simply give up. The natural go-to is to put a time and date of the event, and maybe add an RSVP. But usually only if they have to know the number of people coming for headcount purposes. But putting some energy into how you word the invitations can truly make your party pop. It magically turns it into a coveted event.

Ready for some great party advice, start with fabulous invitation wording. Parties are planned to celebrate something, right? Birthday parties, Christmas and New Year’s parties. We even have Halloween or Wedding parties. All designed to celebrate the big things in life. When you’re planning your event, one of the key components to almost all of them is the invitation. And while that may seem the easiest part of the party to plan, the invite can actually make or break your event.

Dear party planners, as you pick your invitation find inspirational wording to go with it. Your layout will be inspired by your words and will add your special touch.

There are a few extra tips and tricks we like to keep in mind when selecting invitation wording. The world of stationery has a few etiquette rules and guidelines that we think are important to consider. We want to avoid making any notable faux pas when inviting guests to your party.

You do need the time and date on the invite. You also want to include the location of where it will be. If you are having to reserve anything that requires an accurate count, include this too. But none of this means that your text has to read as dry as your Mama’s day old turkey. Quite the contrary, while you want the details to be clear, you want to encourage the invitee to engage.

When it comes to fun parties and celebrations, having a fun invitation sets the mood. Everybody knows that. Having a witty tone to your invites inspires people to expect a happy, cheerful party. If you’re planning a party specific to an event, using words that encourage that theme will capture their attention. While a certain amount of anticipation can be set with the kind of paper you send, it’s the words and layout presented that impacts the most. The wording that is chosen will ultimately have the most wow factor. Choosing the wording for your messages may not seem like it’s a very important thing to do, but it can make all the difference when it comes to how people expect your party to be.

One of the questions we are asked the most by our customers (along with “How fun it must be to plan parties all day?!”) is “How do I come up with unique wording for my invitations and what are all the etiquette rules I need to worry about?” We have included a simple breakdown of the key tips and tricks. We have our favorite wording options for different celebration styles. And to make things extra easy, you can just copy and paste them into your order. Think of it as a little early party favor from us to you. Now let’s get that party started!