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Turn Moving Into an Event: Making the Most of the Big Transition

Turn Moving Into an Event: Making the Most of the Big Transition

When they think about moving, most people think of stress and hard work. It doesn’t have to be that way! Done right, moving can be a blast. In this post, we’ll talk about some of the ways you can turn an upcoming relocation into a fun-filled party.

Throw An Awesome Moving Party

Packing can be fun when you do it with friends. Throw a moving party to making the packing go faster. To plan the perfect moving party, you need packing supplies (tape, bubble wrap and boxes of many sizes), a good play list and a lot of take out food. We recommend upbeat music to keep people moving, pizza with all the toppings and a good dessert. Let your friends bring the play list, so they’ll be sure to have music they want to work to.

You’ll need to reward your friends for helping you with such a labor-intensive chore, so set up some fun activities around the house so your friends can relax after several hours of hard work. If it’s hot outside, set up sprinklers, a kiddie pool, tiki torches or beach chairs. If the weather isn’t warm enough for outdoor fun, ask friends to bring board games (assuming yours have been packed) to play inside. Serve drinks and enjoy several hours of fun. By then you will have accomplished a lot of work in a short period of time, so you’ll deserve that time to relax.

Make a List of Goals

Moving to a new home means new beginnings for you and other members of your household. To celebrate new beginnings, make a list of goals. Maybe you want to decorate your home in a special way, or perhaps you want to try every Chinese restaurant in your new town, or renovate your new bathroom. Your goals can be goofy or serious, head work or play. Either way, making a list of goals will give you something to look forward to in your new home.

Work on your goals with other members of your household, then tack the goals up somewhere easy to see. Seeing the goals every day will give you a sense of purpose that will make the unpacking and settling in go faster.

Keep a Scrap Book

Take pictures of your house as before you start packing. Photograph some of your favorite things about the house, including your neighborhood, neighbors and nearby businesses that you love. Make memories that will follow you to your next home. As you begin to pack, take pictures of important moments (the packing of the last box), interesting sights (your garage, completely full of boxes) and the goofing off between you and other members of your household as you pack up to leave.

When you arrive at your new home, do the same. Take pictures of important moments (walking through the front door for the first time), interesting sights (the view out your new window) and the goofing off between you and members of your household. Use these pictures to make a scrapbook, filled with mementos like going away cards, takeout receipts, copies of old keys and other tokens that have meaning to you.

Tell All Your Friends With the Right Invitation

When you move, it’s important to tell friends that you’re leaving. What better way to do that than with playful moving announcements? Customize your moving announcement to your needs by placing a picture of your family on the card, then customize the text. Don’t forget to mention your new address! Tell friends your new address and phone number, so they can always get a hold of you if they need to.

Moving can be scary; don’t let it get you down. Have a party, spend time with your friends, and make plans for the future. You’ll look back on your moving experience fondly when it’s over.