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Free Printable Invitation for the Big Game


The Big Game is just a few days away, which means if you’re planning on throwing a last minute party, we have you covered. The best thing about throwing a Super Bowl party is that you don’t need to go all out to do it. The food can be snack foods and easy-to-whip up items, the decorations can be…well, non-existent, and the drinks  can include all your tailgating favorites. But now, how to invite your friends…

A free printable Super Bowl invitation can do the trick! No need to place an invitation order and wait for them to arrive, these are immediate. You can either fill it out by hand after printing, or send them to your friends electronically. Simple, quick and the perfect way to gather together friends and family for football’s biggest day of the year.

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Maybe original plans fell through and you’re left scrambling for a way to enjoy the game. Have no fear, your free printable invites are here. Here is a brief, step-by-step guide to throwing a last minute Super Bowl soiree that won’t break the bank or be a headache to handle.

Step 1) Free Printable Invitation

The free printable invitation is offered in both jpeg and PDF formats, which means the jpeg (shown below) can be printed and filled out by hand, while the PDF can be filled out online and either sent electronically or printed in full, after clicking the link. It’s that simple. Not only are these invites simple to use and easy on the eyes, but they also add a little pizzazz into the preparation. Take a look:

Free-Printable-Invitation-for-the-Big-Game-150-429x600 Free Printable Invitation for the Big Game

To access the PDF free invitation for Super Bowl, click here.

34568319394_dab5b678ee_z-600x450 Free Printable Invitation for the Big Game

Step 2) The food…

Throwing a Super Bowl Party is not as difficult as say, planning a Sweet 16. The food that you can whip up can be simple finger foods, giant sub sandwiches, or even stacks of pizza. A few of the easiest items to add to your Super Bowl Party menu can include chicken wings, pizza, sub sandwiches, chips, salsa, guacamole, bean dip, popcorn, chili, pigs in a blanket, and more. If you’re in a warm weather state, throw some food on the grill and let it cook while you watch the game. Or if you really don’t feeling like spending any time in the kitchen you can order food in advance and have it delivered by halftime. Thankfully, the Super Bowl is a no-frills occasion that is perfect for last minute plans.

Step 3) The drinks…

The food and the drinks are probably the most important aspects of a good Super Bowl party. Oh, and a television (duh). You don’t have to get fancy with Super Bowl drinks, just keep it easy and straightforward. Beer, wine, and soda. Bing, bang, boom. You can also ask your guests to bring their drink of choice and have just a few basics in your cooler. That way everybody gets what they want and you don’t need to buy the entire liquor store.

Or heck, if you’re in a cold weather state, just throw a case of beer into the snow and you’re all set 😉

4363537619_875b003a69_z-600x450 Free Printable Invitation for the Big Game

Step 4) The decor…

This step is not a necessity. Because the Super Bowl is a very laid back event, you don’t need to decorate like you would a Christmas Party. But there are a few things you can snag if you’re looking for a quick way to get your home in the spirit. Head to the dollar store for football-related decorations on the cheap. Or, you can visit a local party store and get some balloons, streamers and confetti in both of the team’s colors. Keep it easy and under $10 and your home could be Super Bowl Ready.

So, whether you’re getting together to actually watch some football or you’re having a Commercial Watching Party have a Happy Super Bowl, everybody! This one is going to be great and starts at 5:30 CST in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Don’t forget to call in sick for the day after the Super Bowl as this should really be a national holiday.