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Biography: Jessica Glass

Meet the Author:

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This current photo of Jessica was taken in 2017 at the University of Texas at Arlington, outside of Carlisle Hall and the University Science Building.

An Introduction:

Jessica Glass is an up and coming author that has a lot to offer the writing world. She has a diverse educational background and some interesting career experience.  Jessica is excited to be working for Polka Dot Invitations as a product description writer, because of the creative opportunities it gives her to express herself in her writing, and in building her brand. She is looking forward to working with Polka Dot Invitations on many projects to come.

Formative Years and Current Background:

Jessica is originally from Chicago, Illinois. She grew up as an only child in culturally rich, ethnic neighborhoods of the city, like Beverly. She was deeply involved in the Beverly Art Center’s programs and theater productions as an actor, stage manager, and assistant director. She served on the art center’s Teen Advisory Board, which was responsible for generating classes, creating literature, programs, advertising, and events targeted towards teens at the center. Jessica also performed with the Chicago Children’s Choir in the Lyric Opera’s production of Turandot, and with local jazz bands around the city, where she would sing vocals in bebop jazz ensembles. She studied for many years with serious operatic and jazz vocal teachers, and still performs regularly at dinner parties and weddings. Her vocals have been featured on podcasts with local artists and musicians.

She moved to Texas after finishing high school in 2012. She has performed as an opera singer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area while going to school, and working on other writing projects. She is currently living in the suburbs around Dallas, with her husband, Cody, and her two rescued cats, Charlotte and Louis. Jessica prides herself on building strong relationships with family and friends, and balancing those relationships with her career and work. She enjoys going out with her Mother, Dad, and Mother-in-law on lunch dates, and spending quality time with her husband on the weekends.

Education and Training:

Jessica is currently on the dean’s list as a student at the University of Texas at Arlington. She is working towards getting  her Bachelor’s in English, with a writing minor. She’s expecting to graduate in spring 2018, and then, she wants to start on her teaching certification. Jessica comes from a long line of teachers, which made school and education extremely important to her. She has taken advanced writing classes targeted towards technical writing, multimedia authoring, and rhetoric. This training has helped prepare her for her position at Polka Dot Invitations, and for her growing career as a writer. Her experiences in college have prepared her for understanding different perspectives, and successfully interacting with several discourse communities both on and off campus. She enjoys and prefers working with people that come from a variety of diverse and different backgrounds, as she values different feedback and opinions in the workplace. She considers her educational upbringing to be an important experience that has helped to form her strong work ethic and determination. She strongly believes in a well-rounded liberal education, and is very interested in coursework and educational programs that focus on multidisciplinary approaches to learning.

Career as a Writer:

Jessica is a published short story author with The Writer’s Coffee Shop. She published her first work of fiction in 2014, which was titled, In the Bed of Roses which was available as an eBook on iTunes, Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Kobo. She is still currently under contract with TWCS, but will soon be looking to publish more works of fiction at other publications as well.

Her position as a product description writer at Polka Dot Invitations has been an enriching and fulfilling experience. She has enjoyed learning how to work efficiently with the guidance of Phillip Vanarsdel as a freelance writer. She felt deeply satisfied knowing that a lot of the skills she acquired in her coursework at UTA was being put to good use in the business world, and is extremely grateful for this new and exciting opportunity.

In addition, Jessica is currently on assignment for the upcoming summer/fall issues of Prepared Foods magazine. She is, in general, looking to expand and explore her career as a creative writer, technical writer and copy editor. She will be continuing with college in the summer, but is also endeavoring to expand her career as a freelance writer. She hopes this will broaden her horizons after graduation.

Other Hobbies and Interests:

Jessica is an impassioned nature enthusiast. On weekends, when she is not working or writing, she likes to hike and take long walks around her neighborhood and at local forest preserves.  In Chicago, Jessica volunteered to help build and maintain walking paths, and bike trails.  Jessica is also strong believer and patron of the arts. She enjoys performing as a vocalist, visiting art galleries, seeing plays, and working on her creative writing in her spare time.

Jessica is very passionate about folklore and mythology as well. She draws on these texts for inspiration in her fiction writing. She is currently working on a novel that would be a retelling/re-imagined version of a Grimm’s Fairytale called Snow White and Rose Red. Jessica also wants to write a full-length novel on the history and mythology of mermaids someday, when she has enough time to do the proper research.

  She also enjoys reading and researching the lives and works of William Shakespeare, Emily Dickinson, Emily, Anne, and Charlotte Brontë in particular. She has written many academic papers on the literature, characters, and life of all three of these authors. Her goal is to make it to England after graduation to do some more research on the Brontë sisters by visiting the Haworth house, where the sisters grew up and spent most of their lives.


Attached below is Jessica Glass’s current resume.