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Evites are Lame: Top 5 Reasons You Should Order Custom Printed Invitations

Here’s the thing….evites are lame. They always have been. I’m sorry to be the one to bust any online bubble, but evites do not suffice for an invitation, I don’t care what the gathering is. Invitations are meant to connect people, to create warmth and excitement regarding an upcoming gathering or event. Evites take the warmth completely out of the occasion every time.
For all of those technology lovin’ fiends out there, I want to shed some knowledge on evites, why you should never, EVER use them and why custom invitations are where it’s at.
1. Evites do not bode well with the older generations.
Can you imagine sending your grandmother an electronic invitation? I have a hard enough time with my older family members as is, being the resident VCR clock programmer and all. I can’t even imagine walking them through the process of having to open it, trying to RSVP, heck, even figuring out where it came from would be a hassle. Custom printed invitations are easier to understand and way more accommodating than evites.
2. Evites are a rude excuse for an invitation.
The fact that people can even reply with a “Maybe” through an evite is infuriating. The point of printed invitations is to send out word of the event you’re hosting and also see who can attend. An RSVP from that invitation gives you an idea of who’s coming, how many people to plan for, and so forth. When somebody uses an evite to reply “Maybe”….well you may as well just show up with an already opened present and a half eaten bag of potato chips. That is, if you didn’t find something better to do anyway.
3. Evites make it hard to manage who the heck is even coming.
Sending out evites, especially to one email address, makes it hard to know who actually is even attending the party. Think about it, you’re sending one evite to one email address, but what if it’s a family email address? What if it’s a shared email address? How do you even know who’s coming with one RSVP per email? It’s confusing and time consuming, and while albeit convenient, it actually makes things more difficult in the long run. Custom printed invitations allow for you to be more organized in your party planning approach.
4. Evites create a HUGE disconnect.
In a world that is completely consumed by technology, we all think we’re connected to one another, but really we are more disconnected than ever. Evites add to that disconnect by being completely impersonal. There isn’t much planning. It’s like choosing free printable invitations—you just do it because it’s easy and fast and you can check it off your list. But when you take the time to either make your own invitations or find out where to print invitations (ahem, Polka Dot Invitations) then that already adds more of a personal touch into the mix. Custom printed invitations show that you took the time to create and plan, and indicates that this occasion means a lot to you, and should mean a lot to the recipient.
5. Evites are cheap and less traditional.
The thing about custom printed invitations is that they’re traditional. There is a classy vibe to them. It’s like you’re officially an adult when you send out custom printed invitations. But when you send out an evite? It’s like taking three steps backwards. Heck, even learning how to make invitations online is more acceptable than evites. Evites are officially at the bottom of the rung, my friend.
So there you have it…a few reasons why evites are lame, and custom printed invitations rule. Care to share your own opinion?