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Springtime Religious Celebrations


It’s time to get ready for all the springtime religious celebrations! March is slowly creeping around the corner. For me, it makes the dark cold of January so much brighter if my eyes are set on spring! The biggest spring religious events are baptisms, christenings, confirmations, bar and bat mitzvahs and first communions. A few springs ago I was invited to a ‘bark mitzvah’ for a dear friend’s family dog that was turning 13. I love that creativity!

NP57RC1804-Shabby-Chic-Springs-Blooms-Floral-Wreath-215x300 Springtime Religious Celebrations

Religious celebrations are frequently rooted in deep family traditions. Many christening gowns are passed from one child to the next, or the same invitations are used for all the children. It is common for someone to choose to set up their own traditions that bring a facelift or more modern feel. For instance, a cross might be the traditional invitation used by a family, but modernizing to a silver baby cup for christening invitations can be new and different, yet keeping the classic tone of the celebration.

cross-invitation-with-pink-ribbon-slc-ss84pinkribbon-religious-celebrations-221x300 Springtime Religious Celebrations

Another option is to highlight the season with flowers or bright colors. For first communion I really like to emphasize the name or the first letter of the name of the celebrant. This design shown above combines the circle of life in a spring and summer theme along with the first initial of the child. Fun! It adds a personal touch that is hard to beat.

Are you someone who likes to keep it simple? Try this two color option shown above that uses gold, the color of pure faith, along with a pink cloud formation background. It highlights the name with a modern script font, yet the gold and the cross bring the classic feel to the affair.

slc-ss127b-silver-cup-cute-baptism-invitations-300x300 Springtime Religious Celebrations

Maybe you are one of those individuals that like Shabby Chic? It’s a blend between modern and throwback…what some might call the ‘early attic’ look? It screams comfort on an invitation. I enjoy it a lot. This announcement pictured above might be used for a teen facing confirmation. It adds a quiet thoughtfulness to the occasion.

These celebrations are exciting events for the whole family. They are such joyful occasions, like goalposts achieved. The right announcement sets the tone for the event and brings along the excitement of the day. Personally I like to be upbeat modern with a touch of classic in my choices for religious invitations and celebrations. Of course, it’s all in the words…good wording is the finishing touch to make something perfect, like dotting i’s and crossing t’s. The right words can turn any event into a celebration.

kadd-np57ba1524-chalkboard-pale-pink-first-communion-invitations-girl-215x300 Springtime Religious Celebrations

Look for reasons to celebrate everything. We need celebrations! They are good for us, right? Like chocolate–it’s medicinal.


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