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Peter Rabbit Baby Shower


In the spirit of the new Peter Rabbit movie being released this month, we’ve decided to come up with a new themed baby shower that will surely delight all who attend. A Peter Rabbit baby shower! For those who aren’t familiar with the story, it all started as a famed children’s book highlighting the tale of mischievous and disobedient young Peter Rabbit who learns valuable lessons throughout his journies, making many friends along the way. The reason why a Peter Rabbit-themed baby shower is so darn clever is that baby showers already tend to have rabbits and bunnies as some of the most revered and cherished animals. So why not take it a step further and plan an entire baby shower around the idea!? Especially if your baby shower happens to be taking place around Easter, then you might just have the perfect theme.

As always, if you’re digging on this as a potential baby shower idea, then it is always best to start with the invitations…

Choosing the right invitations for your Peter Rabbit baby shower…

It all starts with the invitations…we say it constantly. Because it’s true! The first thing that your invitees will see and feel about your upcoming baby shower will be the invitation which they receive. So why not make it as festively fun and adorably charming as possible? We have quite a few invitations that would be oh-so-delightful, highlighting the Peter Rabbit theme perfectly. Take a look at some of our favorites and start to feel your celebration taking shape.

Mohair Wabbit Invitation

LS3514-Mohair-Wabbit-by-Odd-Balls Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Brown Rabbit Invitation

slc-ss41 Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Beige Bunny Invitation

beige-bunny-invitation-ob-3972 Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

Bunny Bash Invitation

ec3023-bunny-bash-peter-rabbit-inspired Peter Rabbit Baby Shower

The best thing about this invitations is that they are incredibly versatile. Maybe you decide against a Peter Rabbit themed baby shower but inside choose to throw an Easter soiree for the whole family. You can use the invitations above to inspire an entirely new party, but still maintain the same idea and simplicity of it all.

Selecting the right food and drinks for the shower…

The food and beverages for a baby shower can often be some of the most important plans to sort out. With a Peter Rabbit-themed baby shower, you can have a little fun when it comes to planning for the spread of food. For instance, incorporating a lot of carrots into the meal is both delicious, easy, and whimsical. Or staying true to a garden party theme and making dishes that are fresh and farm-to-table. Even the desserts can carry the theme over for the shower, too! As far as drinks are concerned, you can keep it nice and light with a champagne bar or white wine sangria. Non-alcoholic drinks can include cucumber water or another fruit-inspired water. Simple and sweet.

Find the right decorations that will pull the entire theme together…

Decorations can often be the easiest way to illustrate a theme of a baby shower. In this case, a Peter Rabbit-themed baby shower can be decorated with bright pastel colors, with a feeling of being at a garden party. String some white lights around the room, or outside if you can actually host in a garden. Having beautiful carrots, green stems included, in vases around the room or on the tables is a clever way to tie everything in. Bunny ears for the guests to wear, vibrant tulips in mason jars, and floral accents throughout. It’s easy, it’s elegant, and it’s perfectly on theme.

Above all else in terms of planning the perfect Peter Rabbit-themed baby shower, make sure you have fun doing it!

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