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Free Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations Printable



With the holidays upon us, the time to begin party planning has officially arrived. Since Thanksgiving has taken a backseat until 2018, we now can focus on Christmastime/Hanukkah/Kwanza/Whatever type of celebration floats your familial boat. The great news is, we have a free printable cocktail party invitation that you can use to make the ease of party planning that much simpler. Some hosts prefer not to put their blood, sweat, and tears into holiday party planning, while others live for this time of year. Our free printable Christmas invitation caters to both types of planners and can help save a whole lot of time and money during the invitation process.

Our free printable holiday invitation, as seen above, is perfect for a gathering of your closest friends to indulge in holiday spirits, which in turn will ignite your holiday spirit. A little bit of fun and a whole lot of sass, this holiday invitation is one for the books. Print out a few of these invites and you can mail them to your friend group, or simply download them and send around as the free cocktail party invitation you’ve always wanted. Not only is the invitation hilarious, but it also is minimalist and straightforward. Fill out the invitation by hand or electronically and then off it goes into the universe. The best part about a holiday printable invitation is that it can be used at any time, even after the “recommended” time to send out holiday invitations. Maybe it’s a last minute cocktail party you’re looking to throw together, or an ugly sweater soiree that will make for a memorable year. Having a free invitation that you can download or print will be the best backup plan you could have.

Printable holiday invitations are perhaps the easiest way to invite your family over for an event they’ll never forget. But the highlight of it all is the fact that these invites are completely free, no out-of-pocket expenses at all to you. Ordering invitations and envelopes and paying for postage can run up quite a bill, especially if it’s a large gathering. Maybe this year you’re on a budget, or you’d rather put that extra cash toward food and beverages. Sending out a free printable invitation can save you BIG on invite costs and expenses. Keep the same stylish design and trendy features while not hurting your pocket.

Another great reason to use printable, free invitations like the one above is to keep things as simple and eco-friendly as possible. Free downloadable holiday invites can reduce the amount of paper you would normally use, which ultimately would end up in the landfill. Sending a free invite electronically will provide the same spirit and intention with less than half the wasted paper in the process.

Keep things simple by emailing these invites out without even needing to collect addresses from all your friends. Sometimes half the battle in sending out invitations is finding out the addresses where everyone lives. No need to go too far down the address rabbit hole, because chances are you have their email addresses more handy than their addresses anyway.

Enjoy the free downloadable and printable holiday invitation from Polka Dot Invitations and always remember, this holiday season is finna be LIT AF.

Lit-AF-Holiday-Party-Invitation-Free-Printables-440x600 Free Holiday Cocktail Party Invitations Printable

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