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Dream Catcher Baby Shower Invitation

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Every now and again a card design comes across my path that just makes me overjoyed in it’s originality and overall look.  I can’t help but comment on it.  This Dream Catcher from Polka Dot Invitations is one of those truly awesome ones.  I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, so, being a natural born list maker, I began to consider all the ways I would use this design. Boho-Feathers-Dream-Catcher-Baby-Shower-Invitations-Front-429x600 Dream Catcher Baby Shower Invitation

The top of the list is baby showers.  A new trend in baby showers came on so quickly it almost slipped right past me.  A friend caught me up to speed.  Typically I am not a trendy person, but I have a baby shower coming up with my daughter-in-law, so I want to be cool and ‘with it’.  This rage that almost passed me over is the Dream Catcher Baby Showers.  Isn’t this the perfect match?  Dream Catchers began with Native Americans in their history, legend and culture.  If you have one hanging in your child’s room (swinging freely over the bed for instance), the good dreams know how to get out of the inner circle and gently slide down the feathers and stay with you.  Bad dreams get tangled and stuck in the circle and are gone at first light.  What a touching theme!

This design also would go well with first birthday or any child’s birthday.  There are so many options that match with the Dream Catcher.  It is a design that fits cakes or cupcakes well. Decorations and games are a breeze.  It is even a fun idea for young ‘teepee’ parties for small children who enjoy tents of all kinds at that age.   It is appealing because it is gender neutral and colorful, making it easy to depart from the traditional pink/blue boy/girl themes.

I have no problem using this for adult invitations.  Think of the options:  graduation parties, neighborhood gatherings, book club meetings, card or bunko group, snow finally melted party, fishing opener, music recitals, anniversaries, game night, culinary club, and much more. It’s easy to find something to celebrate when you decide to celebrate everything. Or something good pops up like a promotion, new wheels, found a new apartment, and you have yourself a party!  Just slip in the details online (click here) and you have yourself one gorgeous invitation.

Last, but not least, this is a great invitation for adult birthday parties.  I saved this option for last because my birthday is coming up and I plan to use the dream catcher for a girls’ night out party.  It’s all good!  After all, it is the invitation that sets the stage for the party.  Good invitations are part of the celebration.

Happy celebrating!


Boho-Feathers-Dream-Catcher-Baby-Shower-Invitations-Back-429x600 Dream Catcher Baby Shower Invitation

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