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Kids Winter Party Ideas

Winter is coming! Ahh, okay, without the Games of Thrones quote which is perfectly fitting every time this season rolls around, it’s true that the temperatures are dropping and the snow will soon begin to dust the ground. But just because cold weather is upon us, doesn’t mean that we can’t still throw an incredible party. If you’re reading this because you’re in search of a few kids winter party ideas, then look no further. We’re here to make your winter wonderland party dreams come true.

Most often, people are in search of more kids winter party creative ideas, because they want their child’s party to stand out. It doesn’t have to be lavish in order to be unique. We pride ourselves on our collection of invitations that are like no other. Not only are our designs and styles exclusive, but our invites can also be perfectly tailored to your liking. Take a look at a few of our kids winter party invitations.

Funky Santa Invitation

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Chalkboard Snowman Invitation

chalkboard-snowman-invitation-pddd-npschc1311 Kids Winter Party Ideas


Christmas Candyland Invitation

christmas-candyland-invitation-pddd-np57hc1214 Kids Winter Party Ideas


Gingerbread Man Invitation

gingerbread-man-invitation-slc-ss96 Kids Winter Party Ideas


Having a winter birthday party doesn’t need to be a snow-filled dilemma. Sure, it’s be much colder than most other seasons, but you also can incorporate loads of other ideas that having a birthday in the other seasons cannot. Like Christmas themes, snowboarding or skiing adventures, a backyard sledding adventure, ice skating, and many more. How about a birthday Christmas cookie party? Invite kids over to make Christmas cookies and then send them home with a little tin of their creations!


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Just because it’s winter, doesn’t mean your child’s birthday party needs to suffer. Here are a few more holiday party invitations to get your creative juices flowing.


Holiday Peppermint Cheer Invitation

holiday-peppermint-cheer-invitation-rb-np58hc1205rb Kids Winter Party Ideas


Holiday Cupcake Invitation

rb-np57hc3100380 Kids Winter Party Ideas


Holiday Ice Skates Invitation

holiday-ice-skates-invitation-rb-np58hc1204rb Kids Winter Party Ideas

Our collection of holiday party invitations are worth browsing in order to come up with a few more ideas for a kid’s birthday party. A winter white party may be a great way to incorporate the season into the birthday theme. Or what about a snowman themed party? Bring out the arts and crafts and build snowmen together inside. You can also get pretty crafty with the snacks you choose to serve, as well.


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Having a birthday party in winter doesn’t mean you have to stick strictly to Christmas invitations. You can stray from the more holiday-themed invites and still keep the season front-and-center. Take a look at these invitations which celebrate the spirit of the season without being Christmas-centric.


Mister Snowman Invitation

mister-snowman-invitation-pddd-np57hc1225 Kids Winter Party Ideas


Penguin Birthday Invitation

penguin-birthday-invitation-pddd-np57hc1210 Kids Winter Party Ideas


Pink Nutcracker Invitation

pink-nutcracker-invitation-pddd-np57hc1212 Kids Winter Party Ideas

A winter birthday party for your child can transform a regular birthday into a magical winter wonderland. Whether you decide to make it all about those winter arts and crafts, or indulge in a few seasonal games for kids, your invitation is a great place to start. Choose between a bevy of winter-related invites and get your party-planning started today!