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How to Make Christmas Party Invitations

It is almost that time of year, which means holiday shopping, gift giving, spirited celebration, and the gathering of family and friends. While normally we show off our incredible collection of Christmas party invitations for you to browse and fall in love with, this year we’re taking a test drive on the more creative side of the road. How to make Christmas party invitations is something that most people aspire to learn, because they want their holiday party invitations to have that special, more personalized touch. If you are looking for a quick transition, then maybe our blank Christmas party invitations are a good start. Otherwise, take a look at these few tips on how to make your own Christmas party invitations.


Add you own Personal Touch

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Making your own invitations starts with adding your own personal touch. Whether it’s through the graphics you choose, the colors and designs you prefer, or even the handwritten note inside, this is what adds the personalized feel to your invitations. Some people that are more artistically inclined hand-draw their own holiday art onto the cards. While that may not be the majority of us, there is always stenciling, tracing, and calligraphy!


It’s All in the Details

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Making party invitations doesn’t have to be a stressful, painstaking process. If you just add a few holiday details to your invites, that may make all the difference. Add a bow, or create a mini Christmas tree wreath, the possibilities are endless. But truly the details are what will make your invite as special as it can be.


Jazz Up the Envelope

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Oftentimes, people overlook how important the envelope is. It’s the first thing that your guests and invitees will see! Jazzing up the envelope and making it unique and creative is a great way to leave a first impression. For example, lining the envelope with holiday spirit is a popular way to incorporate creativity and joy. Even if you’re sending out more professional corporate holiday party invites, you can add flair and fun to the envelope, without taking away from the invitations itself.


Get Creative

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It’s always fun when you are creating kids winter party invitations to get extra creative and have fun with it. This is your chance to not take things too seriously, and make the process exciting and lighthearted. From making folded paper tree invitations, to stenciling your own designs, get creative and make it a special invite that you’re proud to send.


Focus on the Wording

From cookie swap invitations to Christmas tea party invitations, the proper wording inside the invite is a crucial step. If you are looking for a more whimsical and festive way to make your own invitations stand out, then focusing on the wording is important. Whether you add a few poetic stanzas about the holidays, or personalize each one to the invitee, you don’t need to be a wordsmith to make your invites special.