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When to Send Out Save the Dates

So your big day is coming up, faster than you could have imagined. Maybe panic is starting to set in–maybe you’re unsure of whether or not you checked certain items off your To-Do list. Or perhaps your calendar is overflowing with so many different items to tackle, you don’t even know where to start. The good news is, each task needs to be completed within a certain time-frame, so as long as you have a calendar or agenda book and a pen, you’re in business.

Wedding invitations are normally an easy thing to check off your list, primarily because there are so many options, you’re always guaranteed to find something that fits both you and the occasion perfectly. Before you can finish typing “wedding inv” into your search bar, remember that Polka Dot Invitations has more invite cards and save the date cards than you could ever imagine.

But the key component for most who shop weddings and wedding invite cards is to understand when to actually send out the invites. Sending wedding cards or an invite wedding card should actually happen 6-8 months prior to the wedding itself. You want to give each invitee enough time to save the date so that nothing else may interfere with your big day. Here are a few of our favorite Save the Date Cards for you to start planning ahead for:


Bridal Palm Tree Invitation

bridal-palm-tree-invitation-picpd-np58ws21910i-389x600 When to Send Out Save the Dates


Aqua Elegant Photo Collage Photo Card

aqua-elegant-photo-collage-photo-card-pcdd-pp57sd1101pcdd When to Send Out Save the Dates


Blue Bird Tree Invitation

slc-ss141 When to Send Out Save the Dates


Chalkboard Floral Wedding Suite Save the Date

CHFSD-467x600 When to Send Out Save the Dates


Think about your save the date invites before sending them out, as to avoid any unnecessary mistakes. Believe it or not, there are a few different mistakes that are normally made when figuring out save the date invites. For example, some people choose to send more stuffy, non-personal invites which don’t really showcase who they are as a couple. Save the dates are a perfect way to illustrate who you are as a a pair, and get the invitee excited to experience this union with you.

Another mistake people make when sending out save the dates is simply sending them out way to see to the actual wedding date. If you’re the type of person that likes to fly by the seat of their pants, that’s great….for you. However, many people find being regimented a bit more practical to their lifestyle and prefer as much advanced notice as possible. Sure, if you decide to elope, that’s one thing. But make sure you give people enough  notice ahead of time in order for them to completely reserve that day for you.

For a true customized experience for all your prints or stationery needs, Polka Dot Invitations is here to help. We feature a wide array of designers and design invitation opportunities for you to choose from, so that you always find something to fit what you want. First, try to find the perfect set of invitations, customize them exactly to your liking, and then send them out to all you wish to attend your gathering. Simple, easy, 1-2-3.

2-300x282 When to Send Out Save the Dates

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