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Luxe Baby Shower Giveaway: Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown2 Luxe Baby Shower Giveaway: Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes are truly AH-MAZE.

We are so excited to be joined with them in Doc Milo’s Luxe Baby Shower Giveaway (Enter here!) where you could win a $150 Georgetown Cupcake gift certificate. As if these cupcakes weren’t irresistible enough! Doc Milo’s cupcake wrappers are the perfect setting for what are sure to be your most popular baby shower treat.

Polka Dot received a sweet surprise on Valentine’s Day – two dozen assorted flavors. Let me tell you, we know cupcakes around here. And these are truly the real deal. I tried the Strawberry Lava Fudge, made of Valrhona chocolate cupcake with a rich fudge core topped with a strawberry icing and fudge star drizzle. The icing was so creamy and deliciously rich… it actually reminded me of strawberry ice cream.

Georgetown Cupcake was founded by sisters Katherine and Sophie. Both lifelong bakers, inspired by their grandmothers, Katherine and Sophie opened Georgetown Cupcakes in February 2008 as DC’s first and only cupcakery. You may know them from TVs TLC’s DC Cupcakes, a show that documents Sophie, Katherine and their colorful cupcake crew. Love this show!

You’ll want to try these cupcakes too. Be sure to enter the giveaway for yourself or an expecting friend!