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Wedding Invitations


As the temperatures bounce back from their all-time lows, and as much of the snow melts from wintertime, the warm breeze and Daylight Savings reminders nudge us in the direction of making the ultimate springtime plans. Maybe for you that means hosting a garden party, or perhaps that just means that it is officially time to order your wedding invitations. If you answered the latter, then boy, are you in for a treat.

ss77 Wedding Invitations
Ivory Wedding or Deb Gown Invitation

The thing about Polka Dot Invitations that we are really proud of…ahem, besides our invitations…is that we carry a ton of invites, stationery, and notecards that you really can’t find anywhere else. We like the idea of being the number one provider of the most exclusive invitations around. Because the best part about it all is that we take that exclusivity and turn it into a product that can be personalized and customized the way that you need. It’s simple, really.

Most people enjoy the idea of having one-of-a-kind products especially when it comes to their wedding. If you’re looking for a little help in terms of exclusivity for your upcoming bridal shower, or pre-wedding party, then we have some true gems for you.

WOFIW-467x600 Wedding Invitations
Wood Floral Wedding Suite Invitation

Are you planning your bachelorette party as we speak? Keep things easy and organized with a unique set of bachelorette invites that can remove the hassle of sorting, inviting, and gathering together friends and family to celebrate. Take a look at some of the best that we carry and start getting inspired for your pre-wedding planning.

ERGIW-467x600 Wedding Invitations
English Rose Garden Wedding Suite Invitation

Maybe you’ve already got your bachelorette party invites covered and now you’re onto the engagement party invitations. Sometimes planning the engagement party can be the most enjoyable part of the pre-wedding fun. It’s lighthearted, free-spirited festivity that doesn’t have the same pressure that say, the wedding holds. Whether you choose to plan a big soirée, showcasing who you are as a couple, or you want to throw a simple rehearsal dinner for a few close friends, we have the invites you need to eliminate any of the unnecessary planning snafus.

Sometimes people find the hardest part of any wedding planning or invitation design process being the pre-wedding party invitation wording. You don’t have to have an English degree, or minor in creative writing to craft a beautifully written or cleverly inspired invitation. We make the invitation-creation process as simple as possible when we combine our wording ideas with your special occasion. Whether you need a quick quip to bring a little bit of fun to the party, or something sentimental to illustrate your feelings to the invitee, we provide all the wording you need to get your invitation in tip top shape.

Let us help you craft and create the best wedding invitations you have ever seen.


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