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Free Printable Calendar for January 2018


In case you haven’t yet read our previous post: Monthly Free Printable Calendars for 2018, then we have some exciting news. This year we’ll be bringing you free monthly printable calendars that you can use at your leisure without having to spend a dime. Not only are these printable monthly calendars super snazzy in terms of design, but they also feature a few other really unique details which you won’t find on many other 2018 calendars. First and foremost, can your regular ol’ calendar provide you with holidays each day?! What about holidays that you probably have never even heard about before? Or what about fun and fresh designs that come straight from our cool and clever design team?! But what’s more…was your boring 2018 calendar free?! Most likely that’s a no, and hopefully with one glance at this year’s 2018 January calendar printable month, you’ll be on pins and needles waiting for the rest of 2018 to be revealed.

Here is the month of January for our free printable calendar of 2018 in jpeg and PDF form:

As you can see by the January printable there are a variety of both national holidays and fun, festive family holidays that we adore. So, if you’re looking for something to celebrate this month, then here are some of our favorites from the calendar:

January 8th – Bubble Bath Day

Indulging in a good bubble bath sometimes can be hard to do. With busy schedules, holidays coming to a close, but a big year ahead, sometimes it’s nice to just sit back and unwind with zero distractions. So for this reason, on January 8, 2018 your calendar is marked with Bubble Bath Day.  Grab your favorite loofa, lotion and LUSH products, because hey, you deserve it.

January 10th – Houseplant Appreciation Day

Are you the type of person to have an abundance of plants throughout your house that add ambiance but also fresh air on a daily basis? Now when was the last time you gave those plants a long, overdue hug? January 10, 2018 is Houseplant Appreciation Day, which means you can whisper sweet nothings into each plant’s leafy ear in honor of all they do.

January 16th – National Nothing Day

Why did we add National Nothing Day to your calendar? Because this day can be treated as a wildcard for all to enjoy. National Nothing Day can mean calling out of work, skipping your responsibilities and laying in bed all day, or not sweating the small stuff for an entire day. January 16, 2018 is marked for you to decide and determine and if you end up doing nothing about it then hey, you still honored the day well.

January 19th – National Popcorn Day

A National holiday honoring popcorn??! What could be more glorious? Take some time on January 19th to pop some kernels, toss ’em with some of your favorite toppings, and kick back with a movie on National Popcorn Day. Or maybe you love popcorn that much and you want to order one of those giant tins with 15 different flavors. Guess what? You can, because this popcorn day is recognized on a national level.

January 28th – National Kazoo Day

While you don’t need a holiday to tell you how awesome a kazoo is, January 28, 2018 may just force you to find out otherwise. National Kazoo Day can be honored simply by grabbing a few kazoos from the dollar store and parading around the house with your children for an afternoon well spent. Unless you don’t have kids, in which that case, houseplants will do just find too.

Hopefully you enjoy our free printable calendar for January and stay tuned for the rest of the year as it unfolds.

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