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{DIY} Decorate with Hollowed Easter Eggs

Blow-out-the-egg {DIY} Decorate with Hollowed Easter Eggs

This Easter do-it-yourself idea is clever and crafty! To hollow out the eggs, hold the egg firmly but gently and pierce a hole in the top and the bottom of the egg using a needle. Ensure that one hole is a bit bigger than the other one. Pass the needle through the larger hole and, breaking the yolk inside, stir the contents. Blow out insides using an egg-blowing tool (available at craft stores) or a rubber ear syringe (available at pharmacies), forcing contents of the egg out through the larger hole into a bowl. Run a little water through the large hole to clean out the egg. Gently shake the egg as your rinse until the egg is completely clean. Let dry on a paper towel. After the egg has dried, you can put a few drops of glue over the holes to protect the egg from further cracking. Now it is ready to decorate! And the best part, these eggs can be stored and enjoyed year after year.

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