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Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

As we continue to inch closer to our favorite time of the year, sometimes planning can be a little intense. If you’re attempting to be the hostess with the mostess, or host with the most, then you know what it is like to get overwhelmed with holiday planning. The good news is Polka Dot Invitations is offering some pretty spectacular holiday and Christmas photo cards that can be completely customized to your liking. This means that whether you prefer to have a particular text, color, or design scheme, all of these can be customized and more. Sound too good to be true? Luckily for you, it’s not. Check out some of our favorites from the custom holiday photo card collection and start planning for the ultimate holiday card showdown.

Bright Lights Chalkboard Photo Card 

Bright-Rainbow-Lights-Chalkboard-Photo-Card-for-Holiday-Cards-429x600 Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

The Bright Lights Holiday Photo Card is a colorful way to send your favorite people holiday well-wishes. All you need is a photo of your liking and with a few clicks of the mouse you’ll be in business. Customize the photo card to your like by swapping out different colors, texts, fonts and more. Make this holiday photo card as best and bright as it can be.

All is Bright Photo Card

All-is-Bright-Family-Christmas-Photo-Card Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

Not all photo cards need to be intricate and ornate. In fact, you can just use a simple photo of your family donning some cute Santa hats and add a nice message of seasons greetings below. Some people find photo cards to be stressful to design, assuming that they need to have professional photos taken in order for them to be enjoyed. Such is not the case with the All is Bright Photo Card. Use a sweet selfie that you snap in a second and send to all your friends and family with a few customized and cherished words.

Merry Bright Lights Photo Card

Merry-Bright-Lights-Photo-Card Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

Looking for a photo card that keeps it simple yet decorative? The Merry Bright Lights Photo Card is an easy card to customize and create. With the festive holiday lights adorning the top of the card, and the simple message below, you don’t need to spend hours curating a Christmas card when you have this one as an option. Just a few clicks of the mouse and voila! Done.

Falling Confetti Photo Card

Red-and-Green-Christmas-Falling-Confetti-Photo-Card Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

The Falling Confetti Photo Card is a more modern, chic choice for your holiday card this year. A few decorative and colorful banners along the top, paired with a fun and cheeky text box at the bottom makes this photo card the perfect choice for millennials and youngsters alike. All that is missing from this photo card is a choice photo of you and your family.

Winter Blue Swag Banner Family Photo Card

Winter-Blue-Swag-Banner-Family-Photo-Card Create Custom Holiday & Christmas Photo Cards

The Winter Blue Swag Banner Family Photo Card is the type of card that pairs sophistication with holiday greetings. You won’t find the reds and greens like you normally would in this holiday photo card, but instead you will find the beauty and simplicity of light colors and hues of blues. Easy to design and customize and even easier to enjoy.

If you’re looking for more specific photo card designs, then head over to our website here for more holiday options.


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