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Cool Tips for Top Summer Party Trends

HotIdeas2 Cool Tips for Top Summer Party Trends

While there are still several weeks left to savor summertime, our minds will be turning toward fall before we know it. It’s time to squeeze out the last bit of summer sweetness.

With inspiration from these hot summer party trends, you can start planning your own sizzling shindig before the season is over. And this week, things are even sweeter than ever because you can save 15% on all party invitations by using discount code: LAZYDAYS at checkout. Click here for details.

Check out these cool ideas to bring your theme to life…

{Summer Sip} Prickly Pear Margarita The prickly pear cactus is found in abundance in Mexico and the American Southwest. Not only is the prickly pear cactus fruit edible but it also gives this cocktail its vibrant pink hue. If you can’t find prickly pear fruits in your area, store-bought prickly pear syrup makes a fine substitute.

{Light the Night} Tin Can Table Lanterns These are cute, inexpensive, eco-friendly and perfect for tabletops or outdoor walkways. Holes are easily made through cans with the use of a drill and stencil guide featuring the design, icon, number or letter of your choice.

{Under the Sea} Seashore Vignettes Cover tabletops with sand-filled apothecary jars topped with seashells and sea glass. Guests won’t be able to take their eyes off of the live goldfish swimming in larger jars decorated in the same motif. (But, please remember to make sure the fish have a good post-party home!)

{Tropic Charm} DIY Fruit & Floral Centerpiece Hollow out the inside of a pineapple or melon and place a floral foam-filled votive holder inside. Secure the stems of flowers and arrange them one-by-one into the water-soaked foam. Guests are sure to feel like they’ve just jetted off for a mini-vacation for the night.

{A Pirate’s Life} Banana Bread Treasure Chest The cracks and indents of a banana bread loaf look like the wear and tear on an old treasure chest, and this idea also includes a very creative use of fruit leather. Bonus, serving this dessert option is also a bit healthier than cake.

{Preppy Patterns} Lobster Place Cards Create the perfect seafood dinner place setting with striped dish towels as napkins, claw-shaped place cards and seafood crackers added to the rest of the arranged utensils. Use this free, printable template for the place card, and handwrite guests’ names with a white gel pen.

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