Wording Ideas Additional

What should I say…

Never be at a loss for words! Here we have included our favorite sample wording for any special requests that you would like to include on your invitation. Whether you are noting what attire is requested, addressing that the party is for adults only or any other special request, we are here to help you write the perfect invitation wording.


Proper Attire Wording Ideas

White Tie

Black Tie

Creative Black Tie

Black Tie Optional

Formal Attire

Business Formal

Business Casual

Dressy Casual


Cocktail Attire

Casual Attire

Festive Attire

Resort Attire

Theme Attire

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2092-79099 Wording Ideas Additional

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2092-79099 Wording Ideas Additional

How to keep a surprise party a secret

Please arrive at 7 p.m. sharp!

The guest of honor is actually arriving at 7:30 pm, but putting an earlier start time will ensure that guests who are arriving late don’t spoil the surprise.

RSVP to [email protected]

Setting up an email account for the party is free, and will help keep it a surprise.

Please remember, this is a surprise party. Plan on parking around the block.

Requesting guests to not park in front of the entrance will help keep the secret.

Are gifts discouraged?

No gifts, thank you.

Your presence is our present.

We desire your presence more than any present.

We are blessed to have all that we need. In lieu of gifts, please feel free to make a donation to St. Jude Hospital, our favorite charity.

Please bring along your favorite joke, instead of a gift.

Instead of a gift, please bring along a small keepsake for James to be included in a birthday scrapbook.

Are children discouraged from attending?

Ideally, you’ll subtly mention that the party is for adult only when the guests who have children call to RSVP. But if you wish to write it on the invitation, include:

Adult reception

No children, please.

Adult only occasion.